Rule Britannia! „I Vow To Thee My Country!”

Dear Britons!

Yesterday, you ensured that Britain’s sovereignty is secured once again. You decided to continue what Briton’s have been doing for centuries and stand up in defiance to imposed foreign rule, stand up in defiance for the proud and illustrious history which Britain is steeped in.

UP #BREXIT! RULE BRITANNIA! Congrats from Romania!


‘A bad day for Europe’: Brexit stuns EU leaders

Britain’s Brexit vote has emboldened Eurosceptics across the EU, who demanded similar referendums on EU membership to harness popular disenchantment with the bloc.

“The British people have taught us a resounding lesson in democracy,” said Marine Le Pen, leader of the French far-right National Front. “I think that the UK has initiated a movement that will not stop.”

National leaders acknowledged the threat from a resurgent anti-Europe right. “The danger from extremists and populists is immense,” said François Hollande, the French president, as he promised to strive for “deep change” at the EU.

All over Europe, the Brexit result unleashed a wave of schadenfreude among EU leaders opposed to closer integration, as well as far-right parties who want to pull out of the organisation altogether.

Hungary’s prime minister Viktor Orban, who has frequently traded blows with Brussels, particularly during last year’s refugee crisis, said the outcome of the vote represented a popular rejection of mass migration by a British public trying to take control of its own future.

“Britons were seeking an answer to how they can resist modern-day migration,” he told state-run Kossuth Radio. “About . . . how they can continue to keep their own lives in their own hands.”

The head of Poland’s ruling party called for a new EU treaty that would devolve more power to national capitals, blaming the outcome of the British in-out vote on Brussels’ push for ever closer union.

“The principle of subsidiarity should be clearly defined, because today it is not observed,” said Jarosław Kaczynski, who pulls the strings of Poland’s government. “We need a new European treaty.”

All over Europe, far-right and populist parties demanded the right to hold referendums on continued EU membership in their countries. Ms Le Pen said she would press her case for such a poll to be held in France, while Geert Wilders, leaders of Holland’s Freedom party, called for a “Nexit” vote in the Netherlands.

In Denmark, Kristian Thulesen Dahl, head of the anti-immigration Danish People’s party, also called for a plebiscite. “I’m a believer that Danes obviously should have a referendum on [whether] we want to follow Britain or keep things the way we have it now,” he said.

Tanja Börzel, a political scientist at the Free University Berlin, said all right-wing populist parties across the continent would get a huge boost from Britain’s referendum result, but their euphoria could be shortlived.

“If the British economy goes back into recession as a consequence of Brexit, and people in Europe see that leaving the EU doesn’t solve any problems but just creates new ones, then it won’t be so great for the Eurosceptics after all,” she said.

However, most rightwing leaders are not waiting to see what economic effect Brexit will have. Ms Le Pen said the result of the vote signalled ”the end of the EU as we know it”.

That was disputed by EU leaders, who remained stoic in the face of one of the biggest setbacks in the bloc’s history. Asked by a journalist whether the referendum result marked the “beginning of the end for the EU”, Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, replied “no” and walked out of the press room to applause from gathered European officials.

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