This is it! UK just said to the EU: Good bye!

„This is it! No more bullying! No more Guy Verhofstadt!” (Nigel Farage in his final speech before the European Parliament)

Finally the will of the British people has been accomplished: as of February 1st, 2020, Brexit is a fact!

„I’ve become an outright opponent of the entire European Union project. I want Brexit to start a debate across the rest of Europe. What do we want from Europe? If we want trade, friendship, cooperation, reciprocity, we dont need an European Commission; we dont need an European court; we dont need these institutions and all of this power. And i can promise you, we love Europe, we just hate the European Union! So i hope this begins the end of this project. Its a bad project, undemocratic, antidemocratic and it gives power without accountability.”

„There is a historic battle going on right now across the West, in Europe, American and elsewhere between globalism and populism. And you may loathe populism, but i’ll tell you a funny thing: it becomes very popular!”

(European Parliament, Brussels, 22 January 2020)

To the guy who got things done, to Mr Nigel Farage – we are looking forward to working with you in the future as sovereign independent states!


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