The Bruges Group

  • The Bruges Group was set up in February 1989 to campaign for a Europe less subject to centralised control than that emerging in Brussels. Its inspiration was Margaret Thatcher’s Bruges speech, in September 1988, in which she remarked that Britain had not rolled back the frontiers of the state in order to have them re-imposed from Brussels. The Bruges Group soon had a major effect on public opinion, and forged links with similarly minded Members of Parliament as well as with similarly minded groups in other countries.

Brexit Party

  • The only democratic, non-racist, non-sectarian political party to advocate Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union. It campaigns to restore true democracy and independent accountability to the parliament in Westminster.

The Democracy Movement (UK)

  • The DM is Britain’s biggest and broadest-based pressure group defending liberal democracy in Britain and across Europe.

The Brussels Journal

  • The voice of conservatism in Europe.


  • European Union made easy, by ex-European MP Jens-Peter Bonde.

EuropaRL – Youtube video channel

  • Selected videos, strong voices.

  • Website of ex-European MP Jens-Peter Bonde